The Royal Wedding on DVD Review!


MyThoughts on TheRoyal Wedding
William& Catherine
Iwas very excited to watch the Royal Wedding. But with the time frameI was unable to stay up that late at night….I was curious about thecustoms and such and wanted to show my daughter how a real royalcouple gets married. That is why I was so excited when I was giventhe chance to review The Royal Wedding on DVD! How awesome!
ThisDVD contains over 2 hours of Official BBC Coverage of the RoyalWedding! I enjoyed talking to my daughter about the customs and suchthat take place and how it has happened this way for centuries. Sheloved looking at the dresses and the beauty of inside the Abbey. Aroyal wedding is not something that takes place everyday and I knowthat she now has an idea of the way things are in England. Howwonderful to have been able to turn a real event into an educationalexperience for the both of us! Now with the DVD we are able to havethis experience as often as we like! She has learned about Duke’s andDutchesses, the procession of a Royal Wedding, and so much more! I aswell loved how beautiful everything was and how well the flow of theentire wedding was! Simply Stunning!
Onthe Back
JoinHRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey asthey celebrate the momentous occasion of their marriage. Relive andtreasure their special day with this souvenir DVD, containing twohours of coverage from the BBC.
IncludesCatherine’s breathtaking arrival at Westminster Abbey, the fullceremony, the carriage procession and the traditional balconyappearance at Buckingham Palace.
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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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