Childrens Claritin Allergy Review!


MyThoughts on Claritin Chewables
Unfortunatelymy daughter suffers from Allergies. Each Spring it breaks my heart tosee my little girl with itchy, watery eyes!
Wechoose Claritin for my daughter at a very young age! Why? Because shecould take Claritin at age 2! Most other childrens allergy medicinedoes not recommend a child take the medication until age 6. Claritinallowed my daughter relief when no other medicine would!
Thereis a lot more to Claritin than just the fact that she could take itat a young age. It also helps her a great deal! I can see a drasticimprovement of her runny nose as soon as she takes her morning doseof Claritin!
Mydaughter also likes her Claritin. There is no fights with her to takeher medicine as she enjoys the taste and knows that it will help herout throughout the day! I love Claritin and am so very happy I havebeen able to give it to my daughter for the past four years!
Youmay visit a store near you to make a purchase!
Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review Thanks to BuzzAgent, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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