I Am A Nutrisystem Blogger! #NSNation – Week 3

NutrisystemWeigh In Week3
Thisweek has been crazy! I unfortunately have been sick with a sinusinfection, ear infection, and a horrible cough! I was not able to eatmy Nutrisystem food for the past four days and have been living offof Chicken Soup! I just would like to feel better and get back ontrack!
Iwas not looking forward to my weigh in today because I knew that Ihad not been able to eat properly for the past four days and I knowthat I have not even came close to drinking as much water as I shouldhave and probably am retaining due to all of the salt in the chickenbroth. But I decided to do my weigh in anyway and see where I am atfor the week!
Sowith that being said…..my current weight is…..
WAHOO!I am SO excited! I have lost 1.6 lbs this week with 3.8 lbs total.Okay so I know that it not a lot but….at the same time I have stilllost something! GO me!
Bust – 50.5(down 1.5 from last week)
Waist –42.5 (down 2.5 from last week)
Arm– 15.5 (down .5” from last week, down 1” total)
Hip– 55.5 (down 2” from last week, down 2.5” total)
Thigh– 31 (down 1” from last week, down 2” total)
Calf – 20(down 1” from last week)
It is SOexciting to step on the scale and see my weight loss…but evenbetter to see it in measurements! LOVE IT! Thank you Nutrisystem!
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