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Gettingto know HilaBinyamin
Copiedfrom her Bio on Etsy
Myname is Hila Binyamin, I create and design Eco – Japanese jewelry.As someone who has been living in Japan for 4 years, I’m influencedby the culture and art of this huge and special country.

Myjewelry represents three main sources of inspiration in my life:
Along-standing tradition of goldsmith’s work of my middle easternfamily, life as an artist in the 21st century in Israel and stronginfluence of Japanese classic and eco culture.

Thiscombination is expressed in the conceptual design of my jewelry. TheJapanese influence elements are represented by clean lines, geometricshapes, combined with traditional motifs like the cherry flower andthe fan.
In my work I often use recycled materials andleftovers that I love to collect. My special techniques givefreshness to the old materials and an innovative look to thetraditional ideas.

If you have any special idea in mind, Icould help you make your dream come true..
I will be more thanhappy to make you a special Custom order, upon your preferences ofmetal and designs.
I invite you to stop by often and checkthe new items

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Youall know how much I love handmade items! That is why I could not waitto see the stunning pair of earrings that Hila sent to me!
Iwas sent a pair of gold plaited fan earrings for the purpose of myreview! When the package arrived I was very excited! Not just becauseI knew what the envelope contained but also because the earrings werestored nicely in a neat little box! I also loved the look of thebeautiful Japanese Rice Paper! I have never before seen suchcreativity in the making of jewelry! I really love the technique thatHila uses as well as the craftsmanship that can be found in her work!
Hila’sjewelry is a beautiful twist to Japanese art! Each piece is speciallydesigned until perfection! No matter your prefrence Hila has just theitem for you! Floral, Butterfly’s, Fans, or even fish can be foundon Hilas stunning designs!
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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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