Plow and Hearth Review and $50.00 Giveaway!


MyThoughts on Plow and Hearth
SelfWatering Tomato Planter
Ilove to grow a garden. There is nothing better than to go out andpick fresh vegetables off the vine. This year I was able to try out aplanter from Plow and Hearth. I did not know how they would do sincemy tomatoes usually go in the ground.
Iwas able to plant my tomatoes outside last month and have watched theturn green and grow rapidly in this wonderful planter! I was able toget two tomato plants in this planter and only have to water it oncea week! The planter also came with a handy tomato cage to go aroundthe pot allowing my plants to stand tall and me to get the ripetomatoes off the vine.
NowI will say that I do not yet have tomatoes of course as it is tooearly in the year. But they are starting to bloom and I can also saythat my plants are far more advanced to those that belong to myfriends. I know that I will be having tomatoes much sooner than mostand I know that a lot of that is due to my amazing planter!
Plowand Hearth has so many wonderful items. I remember looking at thecatalog each and every time it came in the mail when I was a kid. MyMom used to sit and circle all of the amazing items that she wouldlove to own and always placed them on a wish list for us to know whatshe wanted for birthdays and such.
Nowthat I am older and have a family of my own I know that I can circlemany of the items in the Plow and Hearth catalog for my own personalwish list. They still believe in quality and their items are sounique!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
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