1-2-3! Textured Products Review!

My Thoughts on 1-2-3! Textured Products

As most of you know I have a crafty family. I love experiencing new crafts and introducing my child to new techniques. 1-2-3! Textured Products does just that!

I was sent a Sea Horse for the purpose of this review. We had just came back from a trip to an aquarium where my daughter had seen many sea horses and she was excited to be able to make one!

The kit came with sequence, little plastic pieces, and really neat pink fuzz. With that she decided to make the seahorse with the sequence and then placed the pink fuzz at the bottom to look like coral reef and the white plastic pieces are little bubbles floating up around the sea horse. I loved her creative thinking and she planned it out very well! I also like the different textured accessories that come with each little kit!

The kit says that it is for 3+ and I found that to be pretty accurate. That is if you don’t mind messes being made as the sequence and little pieces can go everywhere! But, for me that did not matter. I let my daughter paint and do all kinds of crazy crafts when she was three! 1-2-3! Textured Products will allow the children to use their imagination as they come up with fun designs and will also let them get a fill for the different things around them and what they can do with it! I really enjoyed this little kit and know that I would let my daughter do it again! What fun we had!

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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review Thanks to Mama Buzz and 1-2-3! Textured Products, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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