Daisy Tells A Secret Review and Giveaway!


DaisyTells A Secret
OnThe Back
WhileDaisy is alone with her uncle, he touches her private area and tellsher to keep it a secret.
Childrenlearn the difference between good and bad secrets, how to identifysafe grownups and if abuse happens, it’s never their fault.
Whenthis DVD first arrived I was very nervous to watch it with mydaughter. This is a very touchy subject so I knew that if I felt thiswas pushing things too far that I would have the tape turned offimmediately. If not for the importance of a child needing to knowabout certain things I would not have had her watch it anyway.
Nowthat I have watched Daisy Tells a Secret, I am very glad that Iwatched it with my daughter instead of on my own. The movie opened upthings for discussion so that I was able to talk to my daughter aboutwhat we should do in bad situations. I also feel that Daisy Tells aSecret is done in the best way possible. It may be a touchy subjectbut they did it in a way that young children will be able to learnand understand.
Inthe movie Daisy tells a friend about what happened to her and luckilyhis big sister over hears. She explains to Daisy that there are goodsecrets and there are bad secrets. She also explains to Daisy thatwhat happened to her is not her fault at all. These are words thatchildren need to hear. I find it sad that there is so much pain goingon in the world. Especially when it comes to children.
Asa parent I have fears of what might happen to my child. It is a scaryworld and I hope and pray that my daughter will never be taken awayor harmed in anyway. I guess that as a parent all I can do is try tohave my daughter prepared. That way if she is ever faced with asituation than she will know what to do.
DaisyTells a Secret has also just won the Parents Choice Recommended Seal!
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