Pure Romance Review!


MyThoughts on Pure Romance
Iam always on the lookout for items that will make for a nice romanticevening with my husband. We know how important alone time is in amarriage and we try to go on a date at least two nights a month. Itis nice because we have family here to watch our daughter and we justknow that the first weekend of the month is my time to plan somethingspecial and the third weekend of the month is his time! Whether wedecide to go to dinner, a movie, or just cook a nice meal and stayhome!
Thispast month I was excited because I knew I would have Pure Romance tomake the evening special…….
Whenplanning a night out with my husband I want to make sure to look mybest! This is the time that I bring out all the stops to insure thatmy husband will find me attractive! I know that I really don’t needto do much for him to love me but it is still fun to dress up forhim!
Iwas immediately in love with the Pure Romance scent. There is asweetness with a slight tang and I could not get enough of it! Italso helps of course that there are pheromones in each of the PureRomance products to help the night alone 😉
Excape– Bath & Shower Gel – There is nothing better than to washyour body with good smelling gel! I was immediately in love and knewthat if the other products were anything like this that I was in forone heck of a night!
Kiss– Refreshing Body Splash – After my shower this was the firstproduct that I tried out! I don’t know why but the body spray’s arealways the first item I use when getting myself ready for the night.I generally just give a spritz or two to my hair and then I’m readyfor the next step!
Entice– Body Lotion – Of course lotion is another step that is a mustfor a romantic night. Plus the scent of the lotion was on my skinthroughout the night which made me feel sexy!
Serenity– Aromatherapy Massage Lotion – My favorite part of a romanticevening is a massage! There is something about a back rub that canjust melt the stress away. The Serenity was a perfect addition to thenight as it also has the beautiful essence but also worked great fora massage! It is also NOT oily! This is a big bonus in my opinion asI hate to feel sticky!
Heart Massager – Reusable Heat Pack – YAY! Heat during a massage! I’min heaven! Really it was AMAZING! The heat pack warmed up immediatelyand stayed warm for a long period of time! Much longer than we hadanticipated! I love how well the Massage lotion and the heat packwent together! Plus the best part is that I was able to reset theHeat Pack and can use it again at a later time!
BosomBuddy – Lip & Nip Tingling Balm – Okay so this is one thatwas not expecting when I opened up the beautifully decorated box ofitems! But, I must say it was a welcome addition! 😉
I love the Pure Romance collection! From the moment it arrived at my door I felt special! Not only because of the romantic night I knew lay ahead but also because the box was stunning  AND Each of the bottles are beautifully designed! Pure Romance has thought of everything!
This is not the only collection that can be found at Pure Romance! They carry everything you might be looking for, for a romantic night with your Hubby! Go check it out! You and your partner will be VERY happy you did!
Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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