Power Capes Review and Giveaway!


MyThoughts on Power Capes
Whatchild does not dream of being a super hero? I know that my littlegirl often wears a towel around her neck as a cape and tries to flyaround the house. Which is something I done as a child as well alongside of my little brothers.
WhenI first seen Power Capes I thought “Wow! That is an AMAZING idea!”I knew that you would all feel the same way so I decided to send outa pitch and work on the process of a review and giveaway for my luckyreaders!
Now….Imust touch on another subject in this review and this is why I myselfwould choose Power Capes over ANY other Cape company that might beout there! I have a very dear friend whose daughter was born with CHD(Congenital Heart Defect.) As most of you know I have been postingabout CHD recently as I want to raise awareness! CHD occurs in 1 inevery 100 babies and kills more children than ALL Childhood CancersCombined! My friends little girl only has two chambers in a heartthat should contain four. This is much more common than most of youmight know and the doctors can’t even explain why this precious angelis even alive. You can read more about CHD HERE!


Sowhy am I telling you all this during a review for Super Hero Capes?Well because Power Capes is an amazing company who donates their timeand capes to those children with CHD that are about to haveprocedures done. In fact not only did Power Capes kindly send mydaughter a cape for the purpose of this review but also made a capefor my friends daughter who just had a Heart Cauterization a fewweeks ago! Power Capes even customized it with the letters BH because this little girl has a nickname of Brave Heart! Brave Heart will also be having another Open Heart Surgery as soon as she hits 34 lbs. Now….we all know that open heart surgery is abig deal, but stop and think about placing your 2 year old child onan operating table to be opened up by a team of surgeons! My friendas any other mother would, is doing everything she can to save her child and hasunfortunately had to do this more times than she has wanted to! Idon’t know about you but I can’t imagine going through what this lives on a daily basis! I know that before my finding Power Capes my dear friendwas looking for a place to make her little Super Hero a cape to wearon her big day! You may visit HERE to learn more about their Heart Hero’s Program!


Okayso now that I am done talking about that I would love to share withyou how amazing Power Capes are! I found the Power Capes web site tobe VERY user friendly! I was able to walk through the steps of makingmy own customized cape and loved all of the options that wereavailable to me. I could choose any size, cape color, letter, design,and design color! All of it was done in just a few seconds!
Thecape was very nice quality. There were no loose strings or any flawsat all when it arrived and even after all the day care kids haveplayed with the cape and mask time and again there are still no signsof wear! I also love that you can make the mask to match your SuperHero cape and you can order blaster cuffs! What fun!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase or to donate to Power Capes toallow a special child with CHD to wear their super hero cape on theirspecial day of surgery!
ONEof my lucky U.S. readers will win a Power Cape of their own (thesame as I received)!
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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others. I do not handle themailing out of giveaway prizes and will not be held responsible forany mishaps that may occur to such items

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