Sahale Nut Snacks Review and Giveaway!


MyThoughts on Sahale
Iam a nut lover! When I am rummaging through the cupboards looking fora snack the first thing I will grab is nuts! Now that I have triedSahale I think that they will from here on out be the first and onlyNut product that I purchase!
Ihad never heard of Sahale before my review. That is crazy since Ihave walked past them at my local health food store probably a dozentimes and never before noticed them let alone purchased them.
Sahalemakes seasoned nuts and I was provided with 3 flavors for the purposeof this review!


TheSouthwest Cashews contain Chili and Cheddar! Each piece of Cashewsthat I eat contains a kick and punch of spice! I love it! I am anaddict when it comes to spicy food so these were heaven for me!
Mmmm!Parmesan and Herbs cover ever almond in the bag! I love the boldflavors of the Parmesan and find these to be an exact opposite of theSouthwest a Cashews! What a perfect treat for an Italian lover!


Therecould not have been a better combination than the Chipotle and Ranchthat can be found on these almonds. I find the flavor to be light andrefreshing! I LOVE this combination together and they are by far myfavorite flavor out of the three! Yummy!
Icould not believe just how much I really enjoyed all of theseflavors. I tired to only have one pouch opened at a time because Iknew if they all were opened I would have to sit and eat them all inone shot. I am glad that I decided on the one bag at a time rulebecause I was able to only open a pouch when company was overallowing my company to taste the Sahale nuts as well. All of themwere just as impressed as I was!
Sahalehas many different mixed nut options! Besides the three that I namedto you, you can also find variety packs, seasoned nuts, glazed nuts,and Nut Blends!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
ONEof my lucky U.S. readers will win some Sahale Products (the same asI received)!
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