In Front of God and Everybody by KD McCrite Review!


InFront of God and Everybody
by:KD McCrite
OnThe Back

If God wanted April Grace to be kind to her neighbors, Heshould have made them nicer!
Growing up in the country is never easy, but it sure isfunny-especially if you happen to have a sister obsessed with beingglamorous, a grandma just discovering make-up, hippie friends whonever shower, and brand new neighbors from the city who testeveryone’s patience. From disastrous dye jobs to forced apologies andelderly date tag alongs, you’ll laugh ’til you cry as you read theConfessions of April Grace!
Here are just a couple of April’s thoughts: On her sister, MyraSue: “How anyone can be that dumb and still be able to eat witha fork is beyond me.”  On senior citizen lovebirds: “Whatif they started smooching right at the table in front of God andeverybody?”
In spite of all the loony characters in her life, April Grace isable to learn from her parents as they share the love of God-to eventhe craziest of characters!


“In Front of God andEverybody” is a book about how a young girl , April Grace, viewsher life growing up in a rural area of Arkansas. I found this book tobe funny, serious, and full of adventure. In Front of God andEverybody kept me laughing from beginning to end.
In the storyApril’s granny is about to marry a man that wants to take all herriches, but he does not know that in reality she has none. There isalso a California couple that just moved in next door. TheCalifornian wife thinks that anybody that lives in that part of thecountry MUST be nothing but hicks! The Californian Wife also does notwant to turn out like one of ‘them’. I enjoyed reading how AprilGrace finds out the truth about grannys new beau and how she turnstheir new neighbor around to “liking” their way of life. This isa book that I really enjoyed from the moment that I picked it up. Ican’t express how cute this book really is and I can not wait to readthe second book.

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