Top Nutritional Supplements for Females


Top NutritionalSupplements for Females
For the female workout enthusiast,nutritional supplements can be an important part of maximizing theeffects of her hard work. Vitamins and minerals can both support andenhance the results of a exercise regime by providing energy, helpingto build lean muscle and aid in flexibility just to name a few of thebenefits.
The foundation of any committedexercise program is good nutrition. Before exploring whichsupplements will enhance the results of your workout, it is importantto take a look at your diet and determine if you are eating balancedmeals and are getting your recommended daily intake of vitamins andminerals. First and foremost your workouts are best supported by awell-balanced diet. Websites such as contain quizzesand information to help you determine if you have healthy dietaryhabits. Once you have determined if your basic diet can use somesupport from a multi-vitamin, you can begin to explore the advantagesof supplements on your workout. The following is a list ofsupplements that are often suggested for women interested in takingtheir workout results to the next level.
Whey protein
This supplement is used to provide bothneeded energy and to increase levels of amino acids and nutrientsthat can be depleted during a work out. Some studies have shown thatwhey protein has strong benefits on building lean body mass andincreasing muscle strength and size, when used with astrength-training regimen.
These essential fatty acids supportcardiovascular health and help maintain flexibility within themuscles and joints with their anti-inflammatory properties.
Creatine is often taken to support thedevelopment of lean muscle mass and to help muscles recover morerapidly during and after exercise. Lower dosages of this are usuallyrecommended for women and adequate water consumption is important toprevent dehydration.
This supplement is used to promoteflexibility, specifically around the joints. This flexibility allowsthe individual to workout the muscle more fully with a greater rangeof motion.
This is an amino acid that is oftenused to support the cardiovascular system and to counteractinflammation. It relaxes the blood vessels and therefore increasesblood flow and as a result many individuals use it to help to deliverneeded nutrients and oxygen to hard working muscles. Further, thepositive effects on the cardiovascular system are thought to havebenefits on the fat-burning effects of exercise.
Overall, females do not require vastlydifferent types of supplements to support their workout efforts,although the amounts of the individual ingredients are often lower. With the exception of the differences in a daily multivitamin, theaverage male or female can use the same supplements to boost theirworkout effects. It is important to note that before taking anysupplements you should consult your doctor for advice. Further, notall supplements will work for all people. You may have to experimentwith amounts or dosages of each of these supplements, as well asallowing enough time to pass to determine if you are experiencingbenefits. Keeping a diary or record of your supplement use will helpyou to decide which supplements are right for you. Maintaining ahealthy, balanced diet, committing to a workout program and keepingtrack of your supplement use are all part of successfully reachingyour fitness goals.
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