I Survived the Japanese Earthquake Effect


ISurvived the Japanese Earthquake Effect
Longdistance relationships can be both exciting and stressful. It isexciting since you don’t see each other a lot and when that timecomes, you always make the most with the chance of being together. Itadds to the spice of the togetherness that despite being far, yourare both committed to each other. It is stressful knowing that he’sfar and you will not easily know the things that are happening aroundthe person. You always worry with the safety and health condition.
Fridaylast week was a terrible day not only for Japan but in theAsia-Pacific region. There was a reported 9.0 magnitude earthquakebased on the usgs.gov site. It also resulted to a 4-meter tsunamithat devastated the area in Honshu near Tokyo.
Myhusband, who was a seafarer, was in Japan during that time. And Iwas not aware of his location right around four in the afternoon whenhe sent me a message with the exact position of their vessel. I wasrelieved when I checked that they are very far in the area of theearthquake and tsunami. They are located near the Ishigaki-shima inthe southern portion of Japan. Thanks to modern technology and googlemap for making me aware of his location and seeing that he is safewhere he is at that time.
Thetremors in Honshu were recurrent almost every ten minutes from two inthe afternoon in our local time. I felt bad and nervous that theywill be greatly affected especially with the one meter tsunamiwarning sent to them by their agency. And I was right that around sixin the evening, there was actually an alarm but was lifted 30 minutesbefore the actual time of occurrence.
Throughmobile phones, we communicated and exchanged updates. I have anaccess to the internet so I got first hand information from trustedwebsites regarding the details on the aftershock. I fear that it willnot stop there, right that time. I just can’t sleep knowing thatanytime soon, there will be another shake and it is unknown when willit happen again.
Thenext day, he informed me that there was another strong shake but Ishould not worry since they are located in a safer place far from thecoast so they can avoid another possibility of a tsunami. I can’tkeep myself from being worried even up to now. They are still inJapan and will stay longer there for their operation. It is just agood thing that communication was not affected so that anytimesomething happens, we will know it immediately. And as much aspossible, we can easily comfort each other reminding to stay safe, becalm and focus.
Thistime, I am less worried about him. We still have an opencommunication that we promised when he went back to work. I amassured that he is safe at work, he maintains his good healthcondition and I have less fear that I won’t be informed of what willhappen with the still continuing effect of last Friday’s strongearthquake.

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