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MyThoughts on Read With Max

My daughter hasa growing fascination with Dogs. For the past two years she hasclaimed that when she grows up she will be a vet. So whenever I findstories with Dogs who make a difference than I just have to purchasethem for her!
Read with Maxis written from the perspective of Max. He is a leader dog for theblind. Now that is something special and without dogs like Max therewould be many people whom would not be able to leave their own homessafely.


There are sofar two books in the Read With Max series. First off let me talkabout ‘Dogs Move Too’ Here is a little about the book from the website!
I justfound out my father lost his job and we have to move. My name isMaximus, but you can call me “Max.” I am a five-year-old yellowEnglish Labrador Retriever and this is my first children’s book ina series called, “Read with Max.” As you read my story, I’llshare my moving adventure with you from my point of view. My bookincludes many photos of my friends and me during my movingexperience. After you finish reading my book, you will know that if Ican move, you can move too. “

Thesecond book is titles ‘Dogs Move Too’ Here is a little about thisbook from off the web site!

Did you know thatdogs work too? My name is Maximus, but you can call me “Max.” I’ma six-year old yellow English Labrador Retriever and I just went onan adventure. I learned about working dogs, especially Leader Dogsfor the Blind. As you read my story, I’ll share my adventure withyou from my point of view. If humans can work, then dogs can worktoo! A portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to LeaderDogs for the Blind.”
It is true thatdogs can work too! In some cases they have to work harder and bestronger than their human masters and without! Good looking out Max!
Max does notjust stop with the books! Oh no! With Max there can be even more funwith the ‘Color with Max! Activity Coloring Book! What a wonderfulidea to get the children even more involved!
Max is a great dog! He isworking (and moving) hard in life to make sure others are safe. But,not only that he is educating all of us in his efforts to make adifference! A Percentage of Proceeds fromthe Books Purchased will go to helping the Blind!
The Max word of theDay is “Dogs”
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Idid NOT receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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