Monopoly Speed Die Review and Giveaway!


MyThoughts on Monopoly Speed Die!
When I wasa child Monopoly was my all time favorite game and it still is tothis day! I am a competitive person and with Monopoly I am able to becompetitive in a fun way! Purchasing land and buying houses andhotels! What fun! It also helped me to have a concept of money as ayounger child because I was able to learn how to budget for ‘Just incase’ needs! You know just in case you landed on Boardwalk and had topay out a ton of money!
Monopolyis a timeless classic that has been made in so many differentvarieties. But no matter what the board itself might look like(Disney, Littlest Pet Shop, Star Wars. Ect…) The basics of the gamestill remain the same!
I was senta Monopoly Game for the purpose of this review. The Monopoly Game Ireceived is a version that I had never before played! Speed Die!Speed Die allows you to play a much faster paced game. You still haveall of the fun you know and love from the regular game (auctioning,buying, selling, and trading properties) but with the speed die youhave an option of where you want to land! Depending on what the reddie says you can move the amount of one or both of the white dice!How fun!
When Ifirst opened the box and seen that it contained a Monopoly game I wasthrilled. This is one game that I actually did not own and knew thatthe next possible family game night would consist of the new MonopolySpeed Die! It was as much fun as I knew it would be and with theSpeed Die we were finished with the game before my daughter could getboard! This was something that never happened when I was a child asthe original Monopoly game can take HOURS to play one game!
Here iswhat the back of the box had to say about this version of Monopoly!
Tourthe city for the hottest properties: sites, stations and utilitiesare all up for grabs. Invest in houses and hotels, then watch therent come pouring in! Make deals with other players and look out forbargains at auction. There are many ways to get what you want. Staysharp- because there’s only room at the top for one. For everyoneelse, there’s bankruptcy. So get on the GO and trade your way tosuccess!”
If youfeel that the game of Monopoly has always been for you and you arelooking for a way to play a little bit faster than I recommendMonopoly Speed Die! What a fun way to spend a night with friends andfamily!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
ONEof my lucky US readers will win a Monopoly Speed Die Game!
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