Doodle Track Car Review and Giveaway!

MyThoughts on Doodle Track Car
We are a carfamily! My husband and I restore hot rods and our daughter is rightalong with us as we work in the garage. So it is natural that one ofher favorite toys to play with are cars! But….she is still a girland another hobby is coloring!
I first seenDoodle Track Car on another blog and knew that it would be perfectfor you all as well. With Doodle Track Car my daughter is able tocolor and everywhere she colors the car is sure to follow! Such acreative idea!
I was sent aDoodle Track Car for the purpose of my review. My family and I couldnot wait to try it out! Good thing I had some batteries on hand!
The DoodleTrack Car comes with one course that the car can follow! And, if youwant more you can print them off of the website!That’s cool! Or….you can just draw your own track on computer paperlike we did!
One thing Inoticed right away is that if you have too many crossing lines thenthe car will have a hard time knowing where to go. At times it willveer off the paper entirely and go off on it’s own. But….when youhave the lines drawn clearly the car will follow with no problems atall! We each have had so much fun drawing out our own tracks! Myhusband and I have not even wanted to share with our daughter becauseof how neat this is! In fact right now my husband is playing with itin the garage on a VERY big piece of paper!
The DoodleTrack Car is a unique and creative toy! The possibilities are endlessas you can draw whatever track you might want! I also love thefeature of being able to print off other tracks online! Plus theDoodle Track Car will work with any black marker or crayon allowingall of the children to draw out their own tracks!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
ONEof my lucky US readers will win a Doodle Track Car of their own!
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