Happiness is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown Review!


Happinessis a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown
Ihave told you all time and time again just how much my daughter lovesCharlie Brown. Now she is able to watch yet another Charlie Brownclassic!
OnThe Back
Linusand his blue blanket go together like peanut butter and jelly, sunnydays and baseball games, Snoopy and Woodstock. But when Linusdiscovers his Grandma disapproves of his childish attachment, hewonders if it’s time to ditch that blanket. Linus enlists the help ofbest buddy Charlie Brown to keep the security object away from him.When that doesn’t work, he turns to his older sister, amateurpsychiatrist Lucy, for some tough love. Can Linus kick his habit onceand for all? Happiness is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown is sure tosnugly wrap your whole family in happiness.
Ilove that this movie is about Linus trying to give up his blanket. Ihave a little blond day care boy that carries his baby blue blanketeverywhere he goes! We call him Linus and when we started to watchthis movie he was excited to see another little boy that carried ablanket.
Inthe movie Linus is having a hard time trying to give up his blankethabit. During this difficult time Linus has recruited his dearfriends but he quickly realizes this might not have been the bestchoice.
Youwill enjoy watching Linus and his friends as they embark on a newjourney. But the real thrill will be in Linus’s blanket andeverything that poor blanket will go through. From being locked awayto flying through the sky on a makeshift kite!
Iam so glad that Charlie Brown is making a comeback. The classiccartoon is wonderful for the children and I know that I can leavethe room and and not worry about what they are watching on the TV.There is just something special about Charlie and his friends thatcaptivate the younger children….okay and me as well!
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