Buckaroo Boutique Feature -Plus Bonus Entries!


Whereare you from? and a little bit about you-

I am fromElko Nevada. I have lived here for going on 4 years. I was born andraised in Colorado. I have married for going on three years. We haveone child, Raleigh, he is 18 months old! I stay pretty busy runningafter him and my husband! We try to stay pretty active in theranching/horse lifestyle. When Im not busy keeping up with my twoboys…I am busy with my lil business, Buckaroo Boutique!

Whatitems do you carry in your shop?

I carry fun blingyitems such as; purses, blingy flip flops, blingy hats, blingy belts,jewelry, clothing, flat wallets, and whatever else I come across thatI like!

How did you decideon your shop name?

It was a combination of twodifferent names my friend and I came up with!

Doyou have anything new you plan on adding to your store?

Wellbasically what I do with my items is purse parties! People host theparties and I bring all the goodies to their home or where ever theywant to have it!

Where canyour items be purchased?

Items can be seen onfacebook, Buckaroo Boutique. I try to post most the items I get instock on facebook, but alot of times I can’t get it all on there. SoI do custom ordering as well!

Whatis your inspiration when finding new items to sell?

WellI am always asking my “fans” on facebook for opinions onthings. I try to get all the new styles!

Doyou have a favorite item?

Man, besides all the funpurses, I would have to say my favorite thing is the flip flops! Notonly are they stinkin cute and fun, but they are SO comfy! Wore themwhen I was pregnant alot and man they were great! Well worth it!

Anything else you wouldlike us to know?

Just that Buckaroo Boutique wasdesigned for at home purse parties and there are some great hostessrewards! But as I said before, I sell things by order too! I try toget stuff that suits everyone, but if there’s anything anyone everwants, I sure try to find it for them, just have to ask!

You can go HERE to make apurchase!
Also if you fanBuckaroo Boutique on facebook you will score 5 Bonus Entries intoany giveaway! Just write Buckaroo Boutique in the entry! Write on her wall that you found her through Heavenly Savings for 5 more entries!


  1. Stephane Neal says:

    I love the black angel wing shirt posted on your homepage. Is this a shirt you have for sale? If so, how do I go about ordering one?

    Thank you!

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