Why Americans Still Can’t Use Their Cell Phone to Buy a Soda


Why AmericansStill Can’t Use Their Cell Phone to Buy a Soda

Astechnology advances, we learn more about the world, discover curesand treatments for illness, and make living easier.  Even when atechnology such as the car, computer, or cell phone is invented, thattechnology is constantly being improved.  Cell phones are nowsmaller than ever and can access the Internet and work as a GPS,among many other uses. 
TheiPhone, one of the most diverse cell phones, has over 350,000 appsthe individual can choosefrom.  An iPhone can do things like turning on your car,unlocking the doors, and changing the radio.  However, not everycountry has the same technology available or technologicaladvancement available.  For example, something most Americansprobably haven’t heard of is the mobile vending machine. 
Whatis a mobile vending machine? 
Don’tconfuse this with a vending machine that dispenses cell phones (thesedo exist, though).  Essentially, you can use your iPhone to buya coke or candy bar from a mobile vending machine.  Forget thehassle of digging through your purse or pocket only to find you don’thave exact change, so you have to use a five dollar bill.  Thenthat five dollar bill is too crumpled for the vending machine toaccept. 
Nowyou’re spending time smoothing out the bill on the edge of themachine.  Finally, the vending machine accepts your money. Now you’re worried about not getting your change back.  With amobile vending machine, you never have to worry about exact change orgetting your change back again.  The only thing required is yourcell phone.  A technology where you can use your cell phone topay for things sounds nice, doesn’t it?
Whenwas the mobile vending machine first used? 
Whenthis technology was first used and where it was implemented maysurprise you.  You would think it would be in America or evenJapan.  In 1997, two Coca Cola vending machines were installedin Finland.  Since then, the technology has been spreadingacross Asia and Europe.  Now, Switzerland, India, Spain, France,and Japan all have mobile vending machines installed. 
Japanused a very good marketing strategy to spread the word outand gain customers.  The Coca Cola company sent text messages toJapanese consumers asking them to purchase a beverage from one ofthese mobile vending machines.  In return, they received a freedownload of a company ad jingle for their cell phone ringtone. Due to this perk sales increased by 50%.
Whomakes the mobile vending machines? 
Thereare multiple companies that make mobile vending machines.  Anexample of one of the companies is E Cube India Solutions Limited, inIndia.  Another company, in the UK, is Apx Import ExportIndustry.
Howdo mobile vending machines work? 
Yousend a message to the mobile number on the LCD panel of the machine. Once the machine displays your cell phone number, you select an itemand it is vended.  An electronic receipt in the form of an SMSis sent giving the details of the purchase with a time stamp. If you are using a post paid method, the SMS informs you that theamount has been billed in the mobile bill.  If you are using apre-paid method, the SMS informs you that the balance has beendebited.
Whatare the benefits of using mobile vending machines?
  1. They are a good option for companies, such as Coca Cola to promote their products. 
  1. They are easy to use.  You just send a message to the mobile number on the machine.  Once it displays your cell phone number on the screen, you select the item you want.
  1. You no longer have to waste time rummaging through your pockets or purse for exact change.
  1. You no longer have to spend time straightening out crumpled bills, so that the machine will accept it.
5.   Youwill never have to worry about the vending machine eating your moneyor not returning your change.
Whyare we not using these machinesin America? 
Mobilevending machines can be found in the UK, India, Japan, Spain,
Switzerlandand Finland. So, why can’t they be found in America? According to Bill Hazelton, a credit card assistant, this is becausethe U.S. market is lagging years behind. 
Hesays the three primary factors the U.S. market is lagging is becausethe technology infrastructure isn’t in place, the adoption rate formobile payments among merchants is low, and U.S. consumers have beenskittish about adopting pay-by-phone technologies.  “How doyou support all the different networks and not have to charge theconsumer a huge chunk to make it happen?”
Shouldwe have mobile vending machines in America? 
Weshould have mobile vending machines in America, because mostAmericans would love it.  Americans love their credit cards andeasy payment methods.  It’s so much easier to swipe a cardthan to rummage through your wallet for money.  Almost everysingle American has a cell phone. 
It’shard to walk down an American street and find someone who doesn’thave a cell phone.  Cell phones help Americans do many thingseasily, which is why they are so popular, especially the iPhone. In addition, the mobile vending machine is user-friendly, so thatanyone can use it with ease.  Therefore, mobile vending machineswould be an even bigger hit in America than it was in othercountries.
Asmobile vending machines grow in popularity through Europe and Asia,the United States will definitely formulate a plan to use them too. America is supposed to be known for being technology-savvy afterall.  Within the next few years, you should be able to buy acoke and candy bar with your iPhone too.  In fact, the cellphone is becoming so popular for doing things, that it will probablybe used even more in the future as people discover new technologiesand applications for the cell phone.  When the cell phone wasinvented, did anyone think we would be able to locate directions to arestaurant or movie theater, order from a vending machine, or eventurn a car on by cell phone?  Technology is consistently growingday by day and the possibilities are limitless.
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