Easter Time Trivia!


Easter-Time Trivia: 14 Fun and Little-KnownFacts!

This year, Easter will take place onthe 24th of April. That’s a lot later than what we seenormally. So, prepare to enjoy a nice warm day for egg hunting, bunnyface painting, family gatherings, and much more fun. To get you inthe mood, here are 14 little-known morsels of trivia in honor of thissweet, springtime holiday.


  1. Q. How big was the world’s biggest Easter egg?
According to the Guinness Book ofRecords, the world’s biggest egg was twenty feet high and made frommarshmallow and chocolate (yum)! Unsurprisingly, this egg had to besupported by a steel frame. It weighed in at a hefty 8,968 pounds:more than two average cars!
  1. Q: How much does the biggest jar of jelly beans in the entire world weigh?
A: 6,050 pounds. That’s a lot ofjelly beans!
  1. Q: How many jelly beans are made for Easter?

A: Sixteen billion jelly beans. That’senough beans to fill an office building nine floors high, or enoughto fill an Easter egg that’s sixty feet wide and eighty-nine feethigh!
  1. Q: In America, what type of edible bunny is the most popular?
A: Solid chocolate bunnies are theclear winners. Coming in a distant second: hollow chocolate bunnies.And third? Marshmallow-filled chocolate bunnies. But in every case,we like to eat the ears first!
  1. Q: How many edible bunnies and chicks are made in preparation for Easter?

A: An estimated five million.
  1. Q: What year did the tradition of having an Easter egg roll on the White House lawn begin?
A: 1878
  1. Q: What country invented the concept of sweet and sugary “eggs” that are now so popular for Easter?
A: Germany, back in the nineteenthcentury – although theirs were made of pastry!


  1. Q: What is Easter’s official flower?
A: White lilies, because theyrepresent the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  1. Q: Name an Easter dance.
A: The bunny hop, of course!


  1. Q: In the movie Easter Parade starring Judy Garland, who was her co-star?
A: Fred Astaire
  1. Q: Is it true that if you don’t wear new articles of clothing for Easter, you’ll have bad luck?
A: According to tradition, yes. Backin olden times, springtime meant “out with the old, in with thenew.” This meant some major spring cleaning, dumping the winterashes and enjoying a new hat, ribbon or dress for Easter!
  1. Q: Eggs contain all the amino acids a human being needs to survive. True or false?
A: This is true.
  1. Q: In Western culture, what’s the color most closely associated with Easter?
A: Purple or violet, the color ofroyalty. In ancient times, the dye used to color fabric purple camefrom crushed shellfish sourced from the Mediterranean Sea.
  1. Q: How old is the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs?
  1. People have dyed and painted eggs for their spring celebrations for at least 2500 years.
So, now you’ve learned some fun andamazing facts about Easter. Here are a couple of Easter jokes you cantell your friends:
Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a joketo an Easter egg?
A: The egg might crack up.
Q: When you see a line of Easterbunnies walking backwards, what does that mean?
A: The hareline is receding.

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