Time With God For Mothers Book Review

Timewith God For Mothers 
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Mothershave perhaps one of the most important, challenging, joyful, andimpactful roles in the home and in society. So the time they spendwith God seeking wisdom, strength, encouragement, and peace is vitalto fulfilling the everyday demands they face.
Thisdelightful Scripture-led devotional is filled with powerful insightsinto God’s Word for help and guidance for a mother’s day-to-day walkwith Him.
Shewatches over the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread ofidleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed.
Thiswas one of the very first devotionals that I have ever read. I wasnot sure what to expect but after just two pages I was in love. Timewith God for Mothers is filled with kind words that each and everyMother should hear. I guess that the day the book came in the mailwas just perfect timing. I have felt so stressed out lately and havebeen feeling like my hard work has been for nothing.
Eachpage of Time With God For Mothers gives you a scripture and thenbreaks it down into uplifting words. There are many titles throughoutthe book that allow you to quickly find the exact phrase that youneed to hear. Maybe you are wanting to find encouraging words to helpyour child through a hard time, maybe you or someone you know arebeing faced with sin, maybe you are having troubles in your life. Nomatter what the situation this book will have uplifting words thatyou feel are written directly for you! I love being able to flipthrough and read as much or as little as I want. Maybe what I amreading at the time does not fit with my current situation but when Iturn the page the words I read will fit perfectly!
Timewith God For Mothers is a book to grow with! I have been a Mother foronly 6 years and I know that this would have been amazing during myjourney as a new Mother and I will still be able to turn to this bookfor inspiration when I am a Great Grandmother! What a wonderfulconcept to have a helping aid at your side no matter what! I hadnever read a devotional before but now I am hooked and will look intoothers the next time I am making a book purchase!
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