Auric Blends Review and Giveaway!

MyThoughts on Auric Blends
Afew years ago my husband and I decided to move out of my home town toa bigger city. It was a huge transition as my home town did not evenhave a Wal-Mart when I left. It was SMALL! The town I moved to hadnot only one but two Wal-Marts and I felt I was moving up in theworld. Okay why am I mentioning that? Well because with a bigger towncame new options. One of them was a health food store which had nevereven been a thought in my mind prior to moving. The first time Iwalked into the health food market I went to the personal care itemsand found perfumes made with natures ingredients. Oil perfumes aswell as solids were a new aspect to me and I could not wait toinvestigate more into this whole new world!
Sincethen I have been partial to natural perfumes. They have a scent alltheir own and lets face it there is nothing better than the smell ofNature!
Afew months ago I decided to scour the internet for natural perfumesthat I could share with you! I was pleased to have found Auric Blendsand after reading other blog reviews I could not wait to try some formyself!
Iwas sent a few different samples of Auric Blends perfume. I am sovery impressed with the different variety they offer and I also likethat the oil perfume comes in a roll on bottle! That is an ingeniousidea! Okay so how did they smell? Well just as delightful as Iexpected!
Siren-“Our Siren fragrance was inspired by the ancient Greek myth of theSirens sea nymphs whose beautiful and measmerizing songs luredsailors into the depths of the ocean. The citrus top notes of thefragrance reminds one of the fresh air of the sea. Rounded out bystrong florals and herbaceous base notes, this fragrance is clean,robust, and warm.” ……I find the Siren fragrance to have a bitof sass! There is a Tangy smell from the citrus that is contained inthe bottle! I also feel like I can almost taste the sea salt when Ismell this scent! Delightful!
TempleEssence Dark Opium- This scent is much more mild and actually remindsme of my Grandmothers Avon Perfume dolls she collected when I was achild. I love how in just one sniff I am carried away to mychildhood! I also love the beautifully designed bottle. It is madeout of a hard rock that has been sculpted perfectly into a verycaptivating design!
Love-this has a very light scent. I feel like this scent is perfect forspring with a light wisp of flowers!
EgyptianGoddess- This scent is also light and crisp. I smell a hint of floralbut along with it a little musk. I am very pleased with the EgyptianGoddess scent at it is not over powering! Now I understand why thisis among Auric Blends top selling scents!
DivineOpium- This scent is much like the solid Dark Opium. I find it to bemore powerful of a scent and I like the musk that is quickly broughtout as soon as you open the bottle.
ChineseRain- This is my favorite Auric Blends scent. I feel like I amoutside in a rain storm which is awesome as that is one of myfavorite scents in the world! There is also a salty tang to thisscent kind of like the tang that can be found in the Siren scent!Love it!
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