Pay off your Debts and Achieve Heavenly Savings


Payoff your debts and achieve heavenly savings
Asa true Christian you are supposed to serve only one head and that isGod. However, when you are in debt, you are actually serving twoheads – your creditor and God. Moreover, according to Christianity,you should also pay back what you owe. Thus, you should pay off yourdebts and also start saving as per your affordability. It is alwaysgood to avoid being anxious as the Heavenly father will take care ofyou. So, if you are in debt, you can take debtconsolidation helpand become debt free fast enough.
Achievingheavenly savings
Inthis modern world, people are increasingly getting interested ingetting the maximum out of the things available to them. However,there is an interesting parallel between your savings account to beopened at your local bank, and the dividends that you may acquire asa Christian. As per Paul’s statement “Instruct those who are richin this present world not to be conceited….Instruct them to dogood, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share,storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for thefuture, so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed.”Now, if you want to do a good foundation for your future, you willhave to start saving.
  1. Start a savings account – Make savings your priority. In order to save, you will have to lower your expenditures and pay off our debts. It will become almost impossible for you to save if you are in debt. Debts are a evil lot and it uses up most of your money. You should also try to lower the usage of your credit cards o that your expenditures lower. Put money directly from your salary account to savings account so that you are left with only a certain amount of money for your expenditures.
  2. Give up on your greed – It is also important for you to give-up on your greed if you want to save and if you want to become debt free. Greed is one such thing that ruins you and your finances too.
  3. Practice budgeting – Budgeting is also a necessary step towards achieving heavenly savings. Budgeting helps you to ascertain your affordability. This in turn helps you to stay within your limits and adjust your expenditures as per your affordability. Thus, you are able to save. It acts as an eye opener to how much you spend without the actual need. So, if you decide, you can even give up on the impulse buys.
So,if you are in debt, try to find out the ways in which you can paythese off and become debt free. There are again various ways in whichyou can pay off your debts like repayment plan where you will have totalk to your creditors about your financial condition to get newrepayment plan. You can also try to negotiate settlements with yourcreditors as settlement lowers the outstanding debt amount. Then youcan also consolidate your debts. Debt consolidation lowers theinterest rate on your debts. So, pay off your debts and start puttingmoney into your savings account in order to achieve heavenly savings.
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