Himalayan Salt Lamp Review!


My Thoughts on HimalayanSalt Lamp

My husband and daughter suffer from very bad allergies.Each spring I feel so terrible for them both as there is not much I can do forthem. Well I thought there was nothing I could do anyway! But that was until Icame across Himalayan Salt Lamps web site. I read the testimonials page and wasblown away by all of the people who said that Salt Lamps really helped tofilter their air and made their allergies so much better! So with that in mindI just had to give it a try for my family!
I received a 4-5lb salt lamp for the purpose of myreview. This was the perfect time of year as it is Spring and everything isblooming! Each morning I walk into the living room and plug the lamp in….mydaughter has not had to take any allergy pills at all as of yet and my husbandnow says that he seems to have itchy eyes and a stuffy nose all day at work butwhen he gets home it all seems to be better! I am very impressed with HimalayanSalt Lamp! It has really been an allergy cure for my family!
Himalayan Salt Shop has so many different Salt options! Youcan find Salt Candles, Lamps, Edible salts and inhalers, essential oils andeven Organic Foods!
If You or Your Family suffers from allergies I would notwait! Look into Himalayan Salt Lamps today! It will be worth it as you willfeel a relief in your allergy symptoms!

Update: I want you all to know that I write these post’s about 3-4 weeks in advance….since writing this a couple of weeks ago my husband has been using the Salt Lamp each and every day! He even has it plugged in at night to help with his allergies! He can’t believe just how well the salt lamp actually works! We are ordering one for his Sister and one for his Mother for Mothers Day because they really do work that well!

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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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