The Rose Princess and the Special Gift Review!


TheRose Princess and the Special Gift
By:Mike de Vetter
OnThe Back
Notfar from here lives the Rose Princesses in a kingdom ruled by herfather the king. One morning she awakes to find a splendid package atthe end of her bed full of gifts and a card from her fatherencouraging her to use the gifts wisely. Unaware of what lies ahead,the princess sets out on a journey of learning and adventure whereshe meets several people who are in need. Suddenly she realizes thatshe has gifts that can help them, and she is faced with a choice:keep the gifts, or help the others by giving her gifts away.
Iwish that there were more books like this in the world. Books thattaught children that it is better to give than to receive. Sadly inthis day in age some children are selfish and don’t realize how hardtheir parents have to work to give them what they got. They don’ttake care of their stuff and don’t seem to care about anything. Iknow this is not the case with all children but it just seems thatmore and more often you are seeing it!
TheRose Princess is a beautiful role model. What little girl does notwant to be a princess and to be able to read about one that is sogenerous and giving is wonderful! My daughter loves this book! Hereis what she had to say……..
Roseis a princess who got a gift from her Dad. She gave away her neatstuff to the strangers so they could be happy again. The strangersneeded her stuff more then she did. It was nice of her to give itaway. She is a very nice princess. I would like to be like her. Iwould not be mean. I would always be nice. I can be like her and helpothers too!
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