Through Her Eyes Magdalena Review!


ThroughHer Eyes Magdalena
Whatan amazing experience it must have been to walk beside Jesus. I dohope that if I had been in the times of Jesus that I would have lovedhim and followed him wherever he might have went. Trusting in everyword that he said.
SinceI was not lucky enough to walk with Christ I guess I will have tospend my life doing the next best thing. Living as close to him as Ican spiritually.
Oneway that I can do that and feel close to him is to watch movies thatwill help me to better understand the amazing man of miracle that heis.
ThroughHer Eyes Magdalena is an amazing movie that had me crying all the waythrough it. I also watched it with my daughter as well as one of myday care kids and they really sat there and took in every word. Thatwas surprising to me as this is obviously not a cartoon and I did notexpect them to really sit through the entire movie!
Themovie is based around many of the stories of Jesus that is depictedin the Bible. But this is a little different as it is told from thepoint of view of Mary Magdalena.
Marywas a woman whom followed Jesus. She was saved by him and from thatmoment decided to spend the rest of her days learning as much as shecould from this heavenly teacher. Jesus was a perfect man so beingwith him would in turn teach others what they would need to do to beperfect as well.
Ireally love this movie. It is not too often that I can find a moviethat really talks about Jesus in a way that I can understand. I meanI read about him in the Bible daily but at the same time the books inthe New Testament go so fast that it is hard to get the fullunderstanding of the man whom I most admire!
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