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My bathroom counter is a cluttered up mess. I own a totalof 2 flat irons, 4 curling irons, a blow dryer, a crimper, and hair dryer. Now withall of that you can imagine the tangled up mess that I have to deal with eachday. know’s about how hard it can be to keep all of your personal hairstyling items in one place. That’s why they came up with the CoolCare WallMount!

I was able to review a CoolCare Wall Mount Holder For the purpose of thisreview and I could not wait for it to come in the mail and for my husband tohang it on the wall. I knew that it would de-clutter and de-cord all of my hairstyling mess! I was right! With the CoolCare Wall Mount Holder each individualitem can have its own place and I can slide it into its correct spot as soon asI am done using it. I like that the CoolCare Wall Mount Holder is metal and Ican even slide them in their while they are still hot!  The CoolCare Wall Mount Holder Has made adrastic improvement to my bathroom counter spans and I can even say that my husbandis much happier to have the room back!

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