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Getting to know Fantasy Designs
I started beading necklaces like most peoplemy age during the 60’s, to be exact 1967. I lived on Catalina Island then &I made beaded necklaces & a couple of the stores there bought them from mefor $2.00 each & then they sold them to their customers.
As far as traveling somewhere I used to want to go to see elephants &gorillas in their real homes but now that I am older I am a bit more realistic& would love to visit Scotland home of some ancestors.
Advice? Not really, I don’t think I can advise anyone unless I meet and talk tothem first as everyone is different & therefore everyone needs differentadvise & or help.

I have slowed down a lot now as far as doing stuff. I used to go to music
concerts, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, and Metallica. I like the beach & camping. Now though I am with my Granddaughter watching & helping her to grow into the wonderful lady that shewill be some day. Beside that I enjoy being with my Collies, in particular myCloudtreader. He is a white collie champion. I have bred, trained, shown,breathed, & loved collies for 29 years. There is something magical aboutwatching a new litter of collie pups come into the world & then progressinto the show ring. I loved the process of putting two collies together & combining genes to create the next champion. It is a form of art too!
Now though I create “tamer” things like jewelry. Sometimes, when Idesign & create a piece of jewelry I can just feel how “special”it is. I can feel the uniqueness of it. Hard to explain,
it’s just so satisfying like I hope that someone else can feel all theexciting vibes that I feel. It will be done & I just can’t stop looking atit, thinking oh this one is “it”! Like my “Queen OfHearts”, or “Rose Red”, or “Tinuviel”, or My”Rainbow Of Jewels”. I guess my best, all the jewelry in my shop inthe section “Here There Be Magic”!

No blog, I think
it’s sort of conceitedsitting around talking about yourself & expect someone is just waiting toread it. I am certainly not that special. I do have a facebook thing but I haveonly been there twice, I think. I visit my twitter though every other day orso. I have noticed that I get a lot of people who like to visit my shop throughtwitter. My twitter address is fantasydesign7. I use it to advertise new piecesof jewelry & I guess people use twitter to see new places because I willget like 5 dozen people all visiting my shop after I advertise a new piece ofJewelry there, I love to show off new Gemstone jewelry pieces to people, it’s just so much fun to introduce beautiful gemstones all bright &twinkly, which is what happens to people’s eyes if a gemstone excites them. I love to be the person who turnspeople on to new Gemstone creations & watch them get sort of twinkly too,& perhaps a bit breathless. I love being responsible for creating that kind of response from people. A lot for me is notthe money but the “turn on” to people, making them happy. Gemstonesdo that.
My Thoughts on Fantasy Designs
As many of you may remember I did a giveaway for Fantasy Designs lastyear. Well we have teamed up again and decided to bring you something biggerand better this time around for Mothers Day!

Fantasy Designs kindly sent me a second necklace to review for this giveaway andjust like the first it is very lovely. Fantasy Designs uses such bright and funcolors that I just can’t seem to get enough of! I like to wear bright colors asI feel that they match my bright personality. The beads that are used byFantasy Designs are also unlike any other beads that you would normally see injewelry. Fantasy Designs makes her jewelry sturdy and I have never had aproblem with anything coming unattached or loose.

During my last review with Fantasy Designs I told you all about how Ifelt that her jewelry was a spin off from medieval times. Now it has grown andexpanded into so many more styles and options. In fact Fantasy Designs has justreleased a new collection titled Shahrazad that you won’t want to miss!
Buy It!
You may visit HEREto make a purchase!
Win It!
Up to THREE of mylucky Worldwide readers will win an item from Fantasy Designs! The first winnerwill win a Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring set and each winner thereafter willwin a Bracelet!

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