Valley of the Dinosaurs Review!


MyThoughts on Hanna-Barbera’s
Valleyof the Dinosaurs
Valley ofthe Dinosaurs is yet another Hanna-Barbera Classic that I had not yetseen. I do remember hearing of it as a child and thought that maybeone of my parents had talked about it when I was younger! Just onequick phone call to my Mom and I knew that I was right! She hadwatched it every Saturday morning with her sisters! Each week was anew adventure and she could not believe that you could now purchasethe complete series on DVD! She said that she would have to look intopurchasing that for my little brother (who is 5) because it is agood, wholesome cartoon that she knows he would enjoy!
I knowthat when it arrived I had two boys in my home! A Two year old and aThree year old. Both of the boys are usually more interested in whatis around them than what is on the TV but with Valley of theDinosaurs it was different! Both of the boys sat there for about 45minutes before they even moved! That was a crazy amount of time forsuch young children!
I foundValley of the Dinosaurs to be interesting and entertaining. I reallyliked each story line and got involved in each episode as well.Wondering how they were going to be able to get themselves out ofdanger! No wonder my Mom loved this so much when she was young! It’sgreat!
OnThe Back
During a raftingexcursion of an uncharted river canyon. Professor John Butler, wifeKim, kids Katie and Greg and family dog Digger get caught up in amysterious whirlpool and resurface in a world of prehistoriccreatures. Now every day is an exercise in survival for theadventurous Butler family. They befriend a helpful cave-dwellingfamily and together must contend with an angry brontosaurus and adangerous sabertooth tiger – and don’t forget the earthquakes andvolcanoes! Any time the family can spare is spend building a boat ora radio in hopes of finding their way back to the modern era in the2-Disc, 16 Episode Collection of exciting animated series Valley ofthe Dinosaurs!
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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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