Sand to Pearls by Heidi McLaughlin Review!


On The Back
Do you wish that you had a blueprint for a rich,fulfilling life? Many of us mistakenly think that if we were prettier, smarter,had less obligations or a fulfilling romantic relationship we would, at last,be joyful and content.
Chasing after false illusions of success can propel us tomake unwise and detrimental choices. Often we remain stuck in our uncertainreality because we don’t know how to move forward. Blinded by our insecurity,we forget that God has the potential and power to intervene and guide us towardwiser, fulfilling choices for our future.
International speaker and author of Beauty Unleashed,Heidi McLaughlin shares from her personal discoveries about how God can turnresentment into freedom, regrets into rejoicing, and shame into radiance. IfGod can take a tine, insignificant grain of sand and turn it into a unique,gorgeous pearl, then He can certainly turn our insecurities, fears and worstdecisions into a magnificent new beginning!
My Thoughts On SandTo Pearls
By Heidi McLaughlin
At times it is easy to get wrapped up in worldly issues. Tryingto keep up with the ‘Jonses’ is hard but often times what people strive for.Sand to Pearls teaches us that it is more important to stay on the right track.The track that God wants us to be one. If we follow the example set for us myJesus and keep our thoughts and actions pure than we can have a happy and joyouslife. A life that God meant for us to have! There was a lot in this book that Ineeded to hear again. I was able to sit and ponder some of the aspects of mylife and think on how to change some of the things I do! For example I try tobe the perfect ‘Homemaker.’ I mean sewing my kids clothes, making sure there isnever anything out of place in my home, always greeting my children with asmile on my face, having dinner on the table when my husband walks in the doorfrom work, etc….at times this can be overwhelming and I need to sit and thinkis this the path God wants from me? So what if the dishes don’t get done today?Maybe then I will be able to sit and play a little more with the kids! Sometimesin the blogging world it is also easy to get caught up in a world that onlyfocuses around the computer. I know that recently I have been on it more than Ishould. Trying to find good deals around the net and getting all of my reviewsand giveaways scheduled way ahead of time. But I know that I even need a breakfrom all of that at times.
Sand to Pearls will make you think about lots ofdifferent aspects of your life. It will help you to reevaluate and see whatreally should be done with your life. If you think that sometimes you getcaught up in the World more than you do with God than this book is for you!
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