No Work Spanish Review!


My Thoughts on No Work Spanish

Ever since I was a young child I wanted to learn Spanish.Why? Because I am part Hispanic and my Great Grandparents only spoke Spanish. Ialways wanted to be able to speak with them and was never able too. In the pastI have tried many different learn Spanish quick methods and have picked some ofit up here and there that stuck with me but not much.I saw a post saying that No Work Spanish was looking for reviewers and I knewthis could be my shot to finally be able to learn a language I so desperatelywant to learn.

When I got the two audio books I was surprised to find that they are unlike anyother Spanish CDs I had ever listened to. In fact there are not even any placesfor you to stop and practice saying the words. The speaker does not even slowdown during the book to help you learn the pronunciations.

Now I am not saying it is right or it’s wrong but No Work Spanish really has adifferent concept and approach when it comes to teaching you a new language.The theory behind the method is that if you listen to a book in English andthen repeated in Spanish your subconscious will start to pick it up. Now I knowthat the subconscious is an amazing thing and this absolutely can happen. Hasit happened to me yet? Nope! But…. I have only listened to each story one timethrough. I can say that there were parts on the Spanish I was beginning to understandand I know that a few more times listening to each book I will probably be ableto pick up even more if it. But do I think I will be able to go up to a fullySpanish speaking person and have a conversation? No probably not.

I overall really like the concept of the No Work Spanish.I know that each time I listen to the two audio books my brain will be puttingtogether words without me even noticing it. I love that each sentence is saidin English and then repeated in Spanish and after a chapter is done the entirechapter is read in Spanish. During that time you are able to see what words youcan pick up here and there and will eventually be able to understand all of itin Spanish!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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