CarolinaPad Contest to show appreciation to the volunteer in your life!

I recently got an e-mail about a fun little contest currently going on at and! With Volunteer Appreciation week from April 10-16 Carolina Pad and decided to do something special for you to show appreciation to the volunteers that you may know!

While letting each of you know about this fun little contest I would also like to let you all know about the special volunteer that I have in my life! My Dad!

When I was about 5 years old my Dad decided he wanted to join the local Fire Department. A little later he also became and EMT and joined the Hazmat team.  Growing up I knew that at least two nights out of the week I would not be able to see my Dad. He would be at the station working on firetrucks or attending department meetings. Not to mention all of the calls that went out during special events or in the middle of the night and my Dad would always (and still does) drop everything he is doing to go and help. I remember that my brothers and I would wake in the middle of the night when we would hear his pager going off and we would go open the front door for him and scream “We LOVE you Daddy, Be Safe” as he ran out the door to his truck.

I know that there were many times that my Dad came home from a car accident or fire and be very depressed. Sometimes people or animals would die and it would affect us all. But, other times they would be able to save a house or someone’s life and I always felt special knowing that it was my Dad who had a big helping hand in doing what was needed. I am very proud of my Dad the Volunteer Fireman and even though we NEVER were able to sit at a restaurant with out his pager going off and did not have many soccer games, ballet recitals, band concerts, birthday parties where he actually got to stay the whole time and did not get called out…it was still okay because he was doing something good for someone else! I love you Daddy and I am proud of you!

If you have a Volunteer in your life that has touched you and you would like to do something special in return than stop by and enter their contest! Good Luck!! 🙂

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