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Getting To Know Refined Vintage
Where are you from?and a little bit about you
 Originally from Michigan. livedin Calif, for a little while. I have always been creative, first loves weredrawing & any kind of crafts, I discovered watercolor painting in highschool.
I also got a job working in a florist and soon discovered another creativeoutlet. The owner taught me floral design and I have been involved with theindustry ever since.
I am a wife , married 26 years, and we have 2 daughters  both in collegeat Central Michigan Uinv. I am a twin,  my siter lives in California, Ihave an older brother there too. We see each other at least 2 times per year,more if  we can.  We have two adopted cats.
I have been a stay at home mom and was  very involved at school,using myskills for event planning & setting the scene using creativity as much aspossible. I also was PTO president  and  Brownie leader.
I have always continued creating, making jewelry, bookmarks,& florals toname just a few.When my girls were little fabric painting & appliques werepopular & my girls had matching sweatshirt dresses for all the holidays,Remember those? 
What items do you carry in your shop?
Most of my items are are related tohome decor or are useful, but beautiful in their own retro vintageway like Pyrex or mid century serving items. I also havecollectibles, which vary from vases to dolls. And Vintage jewelrywhich includes unisex cuff links. I also make silk  floralarrangements using vintage vases or containers. My items will vary as I have somany more items to list yet.
How did you decide on your shop name?
I wanted a name that reflected thecasual elegant look I like when decorating my own homewith vintage. So I knew I wanted Vintage for sure, Refined was chosen forthe definition: to acquire polish or elegance. Which is what I hopeto help my customers accomplish. 
Do you have anything new you plan on adding to your store?
Yes, I would like to make somejewelry using  vintage & new components, and I used to make book markswith pearl thread or ribbons and glass & vintage beads &charms. 
I also have an interest inbooks and vintage emphera and will be listing some things in this category.They are many vintage items that  I love, so you never know whatyou will find for sale  at Refined Vintage. 
Do you have a blog, twitter, or facebook page?
Yes, I have a Facebook fanpage
What items in your shop do you most enjoy making and why?
My favorite Items are serving itemslike a vintage 2 tiered cookie plate,or a  mid century glasscondiment server, or  tall cocktail glasses with gold & white swirls.I just love the beauty of these items that are also practical. I feel youshould use what you love in your every day life.
Of course I love to make silkfloral arrangements, I am inspired by the seasons to makefloral arrangeable that reflect the time of year
Anything else you would like us to know?
 Ijust want to share what I love, with others. I love to help friends with decorating.Finding the perfect accessories are one of the most important partsof making a room that stands out. Home decor accessories are thelittle things that make your home feel warm & welcoming. Framed photosof family set on top of 2  of your favorite books, groupedwith a trio of vintage bud vases,  one vase holds a single rosefrom your garden. Little vignettes like this create a feeling that welcomes youinto the room and makes you want to stay a while. 
All vintage itemshave a sense of history and the past is still there,lingering, just asking youto pick it up , take a closer look, think about it. Using vintage indecorating just makes the whole process of adding life & interest to a roomthat much more meaningful & special.
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