ArtFire Feature! Morgan Silk!


Getting to know Morgan Silk
Where are you from?and a little bit about you
Originallyfrom Clinton, NY, moved to Buffalo for college, lived in FLA for awhile and AZtoo, now the last 27 years in Richmond, VA. Taught adolescents with learningdifferences for 20+ years, retired, still fill in once in a while for fun, butwork full time on my artwork since retirement. Used to be I had to wait untilsummer vacation rolled around.
What items do youcarry
Handpainted /  dyed silk scarves in crepe de Chine and chiffon, silk neckties,sometimes I get a lingerie fix. I try to keep a variety for price points soanyone could conceivably afford them. Each is a unique signed painting donewith fiber reactive dyes, which never lose their color and don’t affect thefine hand of the silk. 
How did you decide onyour shop name?
It’smy maiden name with silk attached to it!
Do you have anything new you plan on adding to your store?
Every design iscompletely new. I just came back from the beach and collected some incredibleshapes that will show up in scarves and neckties in a few weeks!! I findfreedom within a small niche, like in The Story of O.

Do you have a blog, twitter, or facebook page?
Myfacebook is for personal real friends only. I dumped my fan page because Idon’t trust FB security and I am old enough to know how important privacy is.Every new design gets a quick twitpic, an inclusion on my website, loaded ontoFlickr, and that’s about IT. It takes  TOOO LONNNGG!
What is your inspiration when making a new item?
acolor may hit me, a form, a shape, a plant, natural stuff, negative postivespace– dreams, I am never without 5 ideas I can’t find time to realize.
What items in yourshop do you most enjoy making and why?
great big sloppy designs on huge 16mm stonewashed crepede chine.
Anything else youwould like us to know?
Check my website at I have a youtube account too, and lots o’ links.
Buy It!
You may visit HEREto make a purchase!
I was not compensated in any way for this post!

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