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Getting to know SarasinArt
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My name for my store is my othername for….me! I was involved in a reenactment group for about 10 years, andSarasin was the personna name I used for that, and she was an artisticperson.  And the work Sarasin is tied in with my gypsie heritage, wayback.
  I believe I got my artisticability from both parents. My mother is a talented artist who has not done anyartwork as she got on in years.  My father was a woodworker who could makegorgeous furniture and cabinets. 
  I love jewelry componentsthat are pure representations of other cultures; for instance, I do a lotof work with African Trade beads and beads from Tibet and the Orient. They fascinate me more than gemstones, tho I like them too.  My jewelry isusually chunky, not delicate, and often primitive, since that’s what I likebest.
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