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Gettingto know JenniferLynn
Where areyou from? and a little bit about you
I live in the DC suburbs (Maryland) with my boyfriend, who is amusician, and 8 rescued cats. When I’m not at the day job or working inthe studio, I like to read, I’m really into film, and I also really like tocook.  I also really enjoy just hanging out with friends.  Icertainly don’t get enough opportunities to do that, because I’m busy all thetime, so it’s a real treat to just sit and gab sometimes.  We also travel2-3 times a year.  Twice a year, we drive up to Massachusetts to visit hisfamily, and once a year, he and I sneak away for a long weekend all byourselves to celebrate our anniversary.

What itemsdo you carry in your shop?

I have 2 Studios at Artfire.  In my art studio, I carryphotography, cards, jewelry, hand sewn bags, decorated boxes, andmagnets.  I am an Artfire Certified Handmade Artisan!  My otherStudio is my vintage shop. Most of what I carry right now is books, but I alsohave some silver and serving pieces and glassware, which I have not had achance to list yet.
How did youdecide on your shop name?
“Jennifer Lynn” are my first and middle names. Whenever I was in trouble when I was a little girl, my mom would say”Jennifer Lynn…” in that “mom voice,” and I’d know shemeant business.  I’m serious about my business, so that seemed to fitreally well.  I call my company “JenniferLynn Productions,”because it is meant to be a media company.  In addition to my art andphotography, I also write, and I have a number of projects I’m hoping to getgoing and wrap up.  I also have provided video and audio productionassistance occasionally.  So the name captures all of the goods andservices I offer, and I don’t have to have a half dozen “DBA” names.(I’m happy to say that Mom and I get along geat, and she is very supportive ofmy work!)
Do you haveanything new you plan on adding to your store?
I’m hoping to incorporate my own images more and more into mycrafts, namely the boxes.  I find that a lot of the images will look goodembellishing a box or tin.  You will see more of that.  I also hopeto offer more sets of notecards in addition to the individual cards.

Do you havea blog, twitter, or facebook page?
What isyour inspiration when making a new item?
Sometimes, it just comes from the materials, if I’mcrafting.  In my photography, I’m influenced heavily by light and byline.  I tend to favor dramatic images.  I can’t stand a photo thatlooks “flat” or “generic.” I don’t escape this myself 100%of the time, but that’s what I go for:  Drama and interest.  My artpieces often come from my dreams.  I’ll see an image in a dream and wakeup going, “I must write that down and put it on canvas!”  (Idon’t sell the majority of my art at this time.)
What itemsin your shop do you most enjoy making and why?
I really love making the boxes.  They take me a long time,because they can be challenging. Do I want to paint or line with fabric? Do I want a slogan?  Do I want to tell a story on the box or just arrangeimages in a pleasing way?  Is it a custom job?  There are just so manypossibilities when you are working with a 3-dimensional surface, and I like achallenge.  Besides that, boxes and tins are practical.  You canactually use them for storage.  I’ m always careful to seal orline the insides of my boxes and tins, so that they can be used for thiswithout sustaining damage.
Anythingelse you would like us to know?
I love custom work, and I don’t expect people to always buythrough my shops.  I have done plenty of business simply by email orthrough Facebook, so never hesitate to contact me if you have a need or aquestion that you feel I may be able to answer for you!  Additionally, mywriting and photography are available as services–I don’t just sell products.
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