SunChip NEW Compostable Bag Review

My Thoughts on SunChips NEW Compostable Bag!
I love SunChips and I was THRILLED when they first came out withtheir plant based bags. The only problem that quickly arose was how LOUD theywere each time you touched the bag. This was a deterrent from purchasing thecompostable bags for many consumers. SunChips knew that this was a problem thatneeded to be fixed and set out to do just that!
I received two bags of SunChips for the purpose of my review. Onebag was made out of the old LOUD plant based material and the second bag wastheir NEW and improved Compostable bag! The difference was outstanding! The newbag is much quieter and I could actually sit down and eat some chips withoutdistracting the others around me. I am very impressed with the changes thatSunChips has made to their Compostable Bags! Here is a quote that I received inmy e-mail about how this could be accomplished!
“After six months of testing, the SunChips research team foundthat by using a different adhesive that still met performance requirements,they were able to significantly reduce the noise of the bag. As before, thenext-generation bag is still made from a renewable, plant-based material calledPLA, or polylactic acid, and is 100% compostable when placed in a hot, activecompost bin.”
Buy It!
You may visit astore near you to make a purchase of SunChips and their new Compostable bag!!

I did receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way! All thoughtsare my own and may vary from others.

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