Batman The Brave and the Bold Season One – Part Two Review


My Thoughts on Batman
The Brave And The Bold Season One – Part Two
Na na na na Na na na na BATMAN! That is a tune that was sungthroughout my house MANY times in my childhood. My little brothers Loved Batmanand watched it all of the time!
1000155395DVDFLT(2)I was ecstatic to be able to review Batman The Brave and the Bold.I had not seen the cartoon since my childhood and I knew that it would bringback many memories. I was right!
Batman The Brave and the Bold has been modernized to fit with today’schildren. There are also some of my other favorite DC Comics Heroes such asAquaman, Plastic Man, Dark Knight, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Green Arrow,Wildcat and so many more! The DVD was released on March 15th and contains13 Animated Adventures on a 2-Disc Collection. 

On The Back 
Batman and his DC Comics Super Hero comrades swoop into action with more amazing adventures from the debut season of the smart, hip TV series! The exciting 2-Disc Collection features Batman and allies Aquaman, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Green Arrow, Robin and Dr. Fate fighting foes in incredible showdowns. “Bats”even partners with another legendary detective: Sherlock Holmes! Each diabolical villain from the tuneful Music Meister to the annoying Bat-Mite, the deadly Gentleman Ghost or the impassive Equinoz requires a unique skill set to defeat, and with Batman’s cunning, evil will be smashed like a bug. Journey through justice with the hero who always cracks the case, sometimes cracks a joke but rarely cracks a smile in 13 Action-Packed Episodes!
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You may go HERE tomake a purchase!I did receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way! All thoughtsare my own and may vary from others.

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