Warmly Yours Infinity Towel Warmer Review!


My Thoughts on Warmly Yours
With Tax Refund checks being dispersed it always seems that my husbandand I turn to ‘For The Home’ projects. One project we recently took on was anew towel rack in the Master Bath. Now I am not just talking about any towelrack but a Warmly Yours Infinity Towel Warmer!
I have never used a heated towel after a shower before but I must saythat now that I have a towel warmer I can’t even think of living without one!The Infinity Towel Warmer has 10 bars allowing my towel to be thoroughly warm as well as room enough for my husband a bigoversized towel as well! The Infinity Towel Warmer is stainless steel and givesmy bathroom a nice modern feel which is what I am going through with mybathroom re-model! I also love that the Infinity comes in two different models!I could either plug it in which is the option I chose or you can wire it inwith the electrical in your wall! Everything is the same on both Infinity TowelWarmers except the Hardwired rack comes with a built in timer!
One thing I have really noticed since using my towel warmer is how muchmore fresh and clean my towels smell when I wrap them around me. This may soundsilly but I feel that there really was a difference.
Another feature that I found wonderful about the Warmly Yours InfinityTowel Warmer was how easy it was to install! My husband had is put together andhanging in no time at all! But, if want Warmly Yours will have someone installit for you! It’s a Win, Win!
Warmly Yours has so many wonderful and amazing products for examplethey have everything you need to create floor heating (my dad has it! It’sawesome), Snow Melting, of course Towel Warmers, and area rug warmers! Therewill be no more cold evenings or mornings where there is Warmly Yours!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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