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My Thoughts On Ideative

Sometimes I have a hard time finding a place to charge my cell phone.Simply because my outlets in my home seem to be full! With Ideative you willnot have to worry about your full outlets! You can still plug in your cellphone to charge by using the flipit! Flipit! Is a USB charger that you canplace under another plugged in cord. Plus it easily folds into place allowingyou to easily take it with you anywhere you go! The flipit! Will become yourbest friend as you are looking for places to charge your cell phones or even anMP3 Player!
I received a fliptit! For the purpose of this review and at first I didnot know how it would work! But in less than 2 Minutes I had it figured out andplugged into the wall next to my computer (where I have NEVER before been ableto plug it due to so many cords!) with my cell phone charging! I am THRILLEDthat I can now charge my cell phone right here as this is where I am usuallysitting and have always had to charge it across the room!
Okay so now that we know the Flipit! Is such an amazing invention whynot talk about the other remarkable items that Ideative has to offer! How abouta surge protector that allows you to slide each individual outlet apart! Thisis amazing! There is also a flexible USB, a Smart Surge and MORE! I am fascinatedwith Idieative because everything is so handy!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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