The Real Prince Charming Review


On The Back
An entire generation of young women are being consumed by today’sdating trend; immersing them in various dating relationships. Over and overagain these young women struggle with purity, the lack of self confidence andsecurity in God to stand up for their beliefs and values. They long for afairytale ending and cling to unrealistic expectations, past hurts and guilt,turning mot toward romantic pursuits. However, the secret to finding The RealPrince Charming is becoming the woman that God has called you to be andlearning that He longs to have an intimate relationship with you.
Why would you wait forless When you could have God’s best?
My Thoughts on The Real Prince Charming
By: Michelle Raftery
Every young girl dreams of being swept away in a princessromance. We have our ideals set from the first time we see a Disney Princessmovie and they don’t seem to ever change. But the reality is that men are notall love songs and romantic movies. In fact they are very little of either one.I for one know how hard it can be when you are waiting for Prince Charming toride out on a white steed and up until I met my husband I was looking for justthat. In fact I was even so bold to tell a man (on our first date) that wewould date for a long while but he would never be my husband. I was correctwith that and we ended up dating for four years. But, the truth is that it isnot just about finding Prince Charming as we will never find our ‘Perfect Man’but we can find the man perfect for us and that is just what I have done!
The Real Prince Charming told it exactly how it is! I seeso many young girls around me who push off love because it is not what theywant it to be. We need to re-think our ideals and realize that our prince charmingare chosen by none other than the Lord himself. If we follow the path of Godthen we will find our Mr. Perfect. But, even then he will still be human! I likehow Michelle Raftery put it when she wrote this book. It even had mere-thinking many aspects of my Marriage! Not that my marriage is bad! I feelthat it is pretty awesome and with Michelle’s tips it will be even better!
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