Pookster and Bubs Review


On The Back of Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle
Pookster is very protective of her pickles. So when her brother Bubsbrings his toy soldiers to the table during her pickle eating break, she thinksthey are there to swipe her green treat and take it to their leader. Planningfor the battle of Kosher Dills, Pookster assumes the worst, and does what anynormal little girl would do….
Pookster’s choice of sweet or sour words will mean the differencebetween keeping her pickle….or losing it to Mommy forces!
This silly story about an over-protective pickle eater teaches avaluable lesson on kindness and how our sweet words glorify God, but our sourwords hurt people.
On The Back of Pookster and the Unloose Tooth
Meet Pookster- a littlegirl who just happens to think that teeth are highly overrated and keeping themin too long can be hazardous to your health. Meet Bubs- her big brother whowould be perfectly okay if a tooth NEVER came loose! Too bad Pookster has tolearn the hard way that sometimes it’s better to wait on God than it is to dothings on your own!
It’s funny – she wanted so badly to loose them…now she just wants themback!
This lesson on patience will make the young reader laugh and the oldreader recall the days of loose teeth, dental floss, and a doorknob….need I saymore?
My Thoughts on The Pookster Books
By: Rhonda Funk
I laughed the entire way through both ofthese cute books. What a fun way to teach children the stories of God!
Pookster reminds me of my little girl. Verystrong willed and learns everything the hard way instead of just listening andthinking before she acts she just does what she wants. She has thinking all herown but no matter what at the end of the day (or the story) she is taught thatthe glory of God is a much better path. Each Pookser book isfilled with a powerful lesson! I was able to review two Pookster books and mydaughter was taught a lesson on patience (which she needed badly) as well as aLesson on Kind Words! Those are not the only Pookster books available! You canalso find Bubs and the Pursuit of Puppiness: A Lesson on Prayer!
If you are looking for a fun, creative way to teach your children thelessons of God than I encourage you to look into Pookster and Bubs books! Theyare cleverly written and no kid can resist the fun loving stories!
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