My Decoupage Boxes!


My Daughter and I have recently been creating these fun decoupage boxes! They are easy to do and look oh so cute!

You Will Need
Premade wooden box (found at hobby store)
Scrapbook Paper Packet
Decoupage ( I like the Glitter kind for these)
Glue Stick
Paint Brush
How to:
First off my daughter and I cut different shapes out of the scrap book papers. We then glued them all over the box making sure to cover it entirely. After the box was fully covered with the papers we decided where to place the fun stickers. Then the final step was to take a paint brush and coat the box with the decoupage! Coat all sides except one (to allow box to sit and dry) When drying is completed you may then coat the last side of the box and make sure that there are no papers lifting. If they are than just add a little more decoupage!
So far my Daughter and I have made these for Thank You Gifts, Teacher Gifts, and Wedding Gifts…but the possibilities are endless!


  1. shawna durk says:

    very cute i love this

  2. when you aid for wedding that woudl even do for the baby shower withe gift in it for the mom and baby

  3. So stinkin’ adorable!

  4. Tracy Juliano says:

    I have been looking for a good mommy/daughter craft project to enjoy with my 6 y/o. I do believe I just found it… Thank you!

  5. Carla H. says:

    Cute! My grandson and I could put together a memory box and do this craft project together.

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