Linda Eder ‘Now’ Album Review!


My Thoughts on Linda Eder
You all know that when I post a music review I like to rate it by two categories.First the music I listen to while cleaning my house, and second the music Ilike to listen to while relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath. When I heard the beginningnotes of Linda Eder’s ‘Now’ album I thought that it would defiantly be arelaxing type cd. But after just a few more notes I realized that it had areally good beat to it and I could see myself dancing a tango around the housewhile I cleaned! The first song was a grab the mop and use it as a microphonetype of song. But then the second one started and I was back to relaxing andbubble bath music.
I love the mix of music that can be found on Linda Eder’s ‘Now’ album. Ialso love the purity that can be found in her voice. She is a powerful singerand uses her voice to pull you into each song that she sings. Her album isfilled with powerful ballads with the occasional up beat tune. I had not heardof Linda Eder previous to this review but now that I have I will be lookinginto her more fully. As this is music that I could enjoy on a daily basis! 
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