Finishing School Review


On The Back
No smoking. No drinking. No lipstick. Pretty Virginia Radcliffe(Frances Dee) earnestly accepts the strict rules enforced by exclusive CrockettHall. Have a smoke, have a drink and have a wild weekend in New York, suggestsher roommate Pony Ferris (Ginger Rogers), who knows the rules have nothing todo with the girls’ welfare and everything to do with the school’s reputation.Adorably worldly, appealingly smart, third-billed Rogers steals the show inFinishing School, giving pretense a swift kick in the comedy keister as shemother-hens her classmates through a booze-and-bad-boy Manhattan fling. Thefrank pre-Code storyline even allows innocent Virginia to wind up pregnant…andunpunished.
My Thoughts on Finishing School
Frances Dee and Ginger Rogers! Need I say more? Most of you have readthat I am an old film buff! I love my old movies and this is the second onethat Warner Brothers sent me this month that I had never before seen. FinishingSchool is everything you would expect from a black and white classic! I lovethe story line and if I had found a man that I was falling in love with and hewas decent and kind than I would probably do everything in my power to see thatman just as Virginia had to do. He was a good man and she soon found that itdidn’t matter in the eyes of the school. I adore Finishing School and withSpring Break fast approaching I know that it is a movie I will have to sharewith my Grandmother when I am on vacation! She will love it!

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