TriBest YoLife Yogurt Maker Review

My Thoughts on TriBest Yolife Yogurt Maker
My family consumesyogurt daily which is sometimes hard on the pocket book as some yogurt is notthat cheap. I was excited when I found the Yolife Yogurt Maker because I didnot know that I could make my own and I knew that it would save my family moneyin the long run.
The Yolife YogurtMaker showed up at my door and I could not get it out of the box fast enough.When I did I was surprised to find that there were no recipes in the box. Thiswas a shocker to me as I expected to find yogurt recipes with a yogurt maker.But, I knew this was not the fault of Tri-Best and as soon as I went to theirsite I found lots of fun and tasty recipes to try out  After finding a recipe I wanted to try I wasreading through the ingredients and found that I needed some Yogurt Starterwith Live Cultures. This was also not contained in my YoLife Yogurt Maker kitand I was also surprised by that. So if you are planning on purchasing theYolife Yogurt Maker I advise you purchase some of the Yogurt Starter fromTriBest as well.
As far as the recipe’sgo they are simple and easy to make. I added in some milk and heated it up tothe proper temperature and then let cool a little while adding powdered milk,maple syrup, and the activated yogurt. I then stirred until dissolved andplaced it into the clean awaiting jars. The Yogurt then incubates for 8-12hours or until firm. Pull it out and place in the refrigerator until it coolsand then you are good to go! If you would like added flavor you can stir infresh fruit or even jam or jelly that you might have on hand. I used some ofthe choke cherry jelly I canned last fall and it was divine!
With the Yolife Yogurtmaker I am able to make my yogurt in the 7 handy little jars they provide oreven in a nice big jar. I love the little jars and it is nice and easy for thekids to use and they are a little bit bigger than a baby food jar. (Yogurt jarsare 6 oz) My daughter would normally eat two yogurts for breakfast and now shecan just eat out of one of the little jars.
Tribest has manyproducts that I find wonderful. Another product that I have my eye on and willbe purchasing in the next few months is a Grain Mill as I believe in foodstorage and would love to be able to grind my own flour and corn meal. TriBestalso has juicers, blenders, humidifiers, knives, storage containers and so muchmore!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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