The Portable Pediatrician Review


My Thoughts on The Portable Pediatrician

Being a Mother can be difficult, especially when it is your firstchild. I know that each time my daughter coughed, sneezed, or had anythingdifferent looking about her I jumped to family members for advice but when theywere at work I turned to books. Some of the books I had were wonderful andothers did not have much as all. But I always wished that I had one big bookthat I could rely on for everything that I needed! That is where the PortablePediatrician could have come in handy had I known of it then!

The Portable Pediatrician is a huge book that has a little ofeverything you will need to know about your growing child. When I sayeverything I do mean Everything! It is almost like a dictionary for everythingchildren! I have read many different parts of this book including sections onAllergies, Birthmarks, Eating problems, Sprains and Broken Bones, or evenThyroid issues. I love that everything is listed in alphabetical order and isneatly put together in terms that I can easily understand. Nothing would makeme more frustrated than a book that uses too big of words when I am frantictrying to read about something to know if I should take my child to the doctoror not. Those times have happened for me! More than once! My daughter learnseverything the hard way and has me panic on several occasions including jumpingoff of a chair and breaking her nose, or even eating deer poop when she wasonly a year old. (Deer roam freely in the town I grew up in…she thought they wereraisins.)  
The Portable Pediatrician has become a handy staple in my home. Many ofmy Day Care kids’ parents have referred to this book when they have a questionand it is now always on hand in my living room for anyone to access. This is abook that I feel every parent should own!
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