The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari Review

My Thoughts on The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari
By Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark
The Dragon and the Turtle are at it again! This time they are campingwhen their imaginations take them to a far away land! A Safari; where theydream up lots of fun creatures along the way! Your children will have funlistening to tales of Giraffes, Elephants, Leopards and more! Plus while theyare at it they will learn and understand that even when we are afraid there isalways someone to turn to! Our friends and God! At the back of the book theAuthors have left a scripture (Deuteronomy 31:6) as well as some of the funfacts that happened in the story to teach your children about what being a goodfriend really means. The Dragon and Turtle (Roger and Padraig) really help eachother out and they are always there for one another! The back of the book alsocontains ‘The Legend of Mount Sillymanborrow’ which is a story that Roger wasgoing to tell in the book but was unable to! I love that the Authors made alittle story in the back! It was like getting to ready bonus footage!
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
The Dragon and the Turtle are camping but they keep getting scared.They keep thinking that there are other animals out there that are not reallythere. It is funny. They are pretending all kinds of fun stuff. The Dragon alsobreathes fire and that is cool. It helps him to find a cat that they think is aleopard. That was funny too.
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