The Imagination Station Book Series Review

My Thoughts on The Imagination Station
By: Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker
This is not my first run in with Adventures in Odyssey. I am hopingthat it will not be the last! Imagination Station is filled with fun andadventure around every turn! Your child will love discovering new places andmeeting important people from the past. For this review I was able to reviewbooks 1 and 2 from the Imagination Station series!
Book #1 – Voyage with the Vikings (On the Back)
“Mr. Whittaker, a kind but mysterious inventor, has sent cousinsPatrick and Beth to Greenland through the Imagination Station. It’s the year1000, and they meet Viking Erik the Red, who is angry about the new God. Mr.Whittaker wants the cousins to find a Sunstone, but what does one look like?And what does it have to do with the mysterious letter found in the inventor’sworkshop? Most important, can Patrick and Beth find a Sunstone before Erik’sson Leif sails away with the Imagination Station on board his ship?”
I was quickly captivated and taken away on the journey along with Patrickand Beth. My daughter and I enjoyed our nightly reads together as we learnedabout the ways of the Vikings. I love the attention to detail that is carriedon throughout the books and the Authors really find a way to make you feel likeyou are right along with Patrick and Beth!
Book #2 – Attack at the Arena (On the Back)
“Cousins Patrick and Beth are off on their second Imagination Stationadventure. Mr. Whittaker’s mysterious invention takes them to ancient Romewhere they must find a special silver cup. Near the city gate, the cousins are separatedwhen Beth is enslaved to the emperor and Patrick meets a wise monk namedTelemachus. All three end up in the famous Roman arena. Telemachus wants toshare an important message with the emperor. Beth wants to know how to get thecup. And Patrick just wants to escape with his life!”
I love that each book is a different historical place and era. TheRoman Arena was around for a very long period of time and has had manyhistorical events taken place there including many significant to the Bible. Ilove that Attack at the Arena opened up the discussion of the Roman Arena withmy daughter. She loved reading about what like could have been like if she hadlived during the time of the Roman Empire!
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