Last Call for International Readers


Hello My Dear Readers! I have a favor to ask! My daughter is doing a project in school called Flat Stanley! It is where we mail out “Flat Stanley” with a couple of questions asking you about where you live! I am looking for international readers who might be interested in filling out the little questionnaire. For example “What did Flat Stanley see while he was with your family?, What clothes should he wear for your climate? As well as interesting facts about your town.” If you would like to help out my daughter please comment here With your E-MAIL address or send a message to kwhiz84(at)live(dot)com. All Flat Stanley’s are due March 10th so I will need to email ASAP! Thanks so much! I could not do this without you!

I had a good response with my past post but many of you did not have an e-mail address listed. However I did send out e-mails to those that did and would still love for everyone else to participate if you can!

If your in the states and want to show off your area I’d be happy for your help as well!


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